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Safe-T-Flow® Rain Gutter Filter

The Highest Performing Rain Gutter Filtration System

Safe-T-Flow® Gutter Debris Filter
Safe-T-Flow® is protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,220,206.
Safe-T-Flow® is "*fully Coated" with an environmentally friendly enviroFR™coating providing ember resistance technology, anti-microbial/fungicide additives, U.V. Stabilization and provides a "non-toxic mode of action" from plants.

Citronella is added, a renowned plant-based insect repellent. The United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ considers oil of citronella as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action. Physical resistance helps keep Mosquitoes out!

Safe-T-Flow® is simply the best, highest performing, filtering system on the market today!

Warranty: *5 Year Limited

Safe-T-Flow® Rain Gutter Filters Available For:

  • 5" K-Style Gutters
  • 6" K-Style Gutters

What makes Safe-T-Flow® the Highest performing foam gutter filter?

  1. Rear tilt deflection system provides 50% better debris deflection.
  2. Roof line gap protection, no Gap for debris to collect under roof line.
  3. "Highest Flow Rate" with Dual lateral water flow channels and the only center structural support system.
  4. Safe-T-Flow® installs easy over the top of the bracket.
  5. Infused with renowned plant-based biopesticides and insect repellents.
  6. Made In America, Patents Pending

Why you should not buy "XL" rain gutter foam inserts.

"DUAL LATERAL" water channels can perform better over "XL" rain gutter foam filters. The excess material ("XL" rear height of the material) along the backside of the filter can provide too much resistance to water flow. When water runs off of the roof and enters the gutter, majority of the water enters the filter from the backside.

The rear channel feature of Safe-T-Flow® provides and allows water to flow through faster. The Safe-T-Flow® roof line gap protection circled in the upper left corner angles slightly backward to tuck under your roof line. Pay particular attention to the rear channel opening allowing immediate water flowage into the gutter once water passes through the roof line gap protection area.

Lets do a quick eye test!

Compare the competition's "XL" product to Safe-T-Flow®.

  1. Do you think the front and rear drainage channels can provide faster, more efficient, water flow?
  2. Do you think products with the "XL" rear height feature can impede water flow?
  3. Do you value roof gap line protection?
  4. Do you see value in the biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action?
  5. Is fire resistance an important attribute in your rain filtering system choice?

If you answered yes to any two of these questions, Safe-T-Flow® is probably your best choice. Buy Now

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