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Safe-T-Flow® Gutter Debris Filter


Safe-T-Flow® is "*fully coated" with an environmentally friendly enviroFR™ coating providing fire resistance technology, anti-microbial/fungicide additives, U.V. Stabilization and provides a "non-toxic mode of action" from plants.

Available In: 5" and 6" K-Style

Warranty: *5 Year Limited

GutterFill® DC, A Dual Channel Gutter Debris Filter

GutterFill® DC

The GutterFill® DC dual channels provide improved water flow, faster drainage and stronger center support! Support in the center, is better!

Available In: 5" & 6" K-Style, 5" 1/2 Round and 5" U-Shaped

Warranty: *5 Year Limited No-Clog

GutterFill® Gutter Debris Filter


The GutterFill® line, our patented triangle shaped filter, is available in two filter types, GutterFill® and GutterFill® Extreme.

GutterFill® Extreme is "*fully coated" with EnviroFR™ a environmentally friendly coating, providing fire resistance technology, anti-microbial/fungicide additives, U.V. stabilization and a "nontoxic mode of action" from plants. No other triangle shaped filter can compare to GutterFill® Extreme!

GutterFill® is "Top Coated" having fire resistance technology, with U.V. Stabilization. The use of "Infused plant-based biopesticides and insect repellents" are NOT found in GutterFill®.

GutterFill® Extreme Warranty: *5 Year Limited
GutterFill® Warranty: *5 Year Limited

Made in the USA

Gutterfill® DC

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The video above is to illustrate how "Dual Channels are Simply Better". See and hear how fast the water enters the rear channel. Traditional triangle shaped filters that have excess material in the rear slow down the water from entering the gutter. GutterFill® DC - Support in the center, is better! *Individual results may vary.
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GutterFill® was rated the highest foam insert by Consumer's in the Sept. 2010 issue over Leaf Defier® and GutterStuff®.

American Gutter Filter had no knowledge of this "performance test" prior to testing! Testing was published by a non-for profit Union of Consumer's claiming they are the largest independent consumer-product testing organization in the world located in the United States.

All products are made in the United States of America.

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